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EXIM settings for dialup.

Not sure if I should post here (but I'm running exim on a debian :)

So, I have a Debian unstable running exim 3.03, connecting to the
Internet through PPP without fixed IP. I have configured exim to
use "smarthost"(*) to send mail, performing address rewrite like

  vamp@dreamland csthf99@alumni.ust.hk Ffr

And can send mail just fine (or else you can't see this)
However there is something stupid when I send mail to myself:
Address rewrite is performed even for local deliveries.
How can I disable this?
I guess I should disable address rewrite for everything
inside the directors. But... how?
Or am I plain wrong?
Should I disable address rewrites for everything, and
enable them only for the routers instead?

*) In fact I have more than one router. The smarthost router
runs only if the sender is me.
I does this through
condition = "${if eq {$sender_address}{csthf99@alumni.ust.hk} {yes}fail}"

It works fine but is less then clean. Are there better configuration
options for this? From what I read in the spec this is the best?

( And that I am subscribed to the digest instead. Do I get
  every single post, including this one and follow-ups for it? )

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