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Re: Does exim work with fetchmail?

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Anthony Campbell wrote:

> I currently use smail which works well with fetchmail.
> I thought I'd try exim since this is becoming standard in potato, but
> although local mail works I can't get any mail via pop3 and fetchmail.
> There's a fetchmail error message saying something like: "Can't even
> send to ac" [my username}.  It seems to be an SMTP problem.
> I imagine there's something I should change in /etc/exim.conf but the
> things I've tried haven't worked.
> Is anyone successfully using exim with fetchmail?

you possibly haven't enabled relaying for the local host.
I use exim and fetchmail with no trouble at all.

try looking in /etc/exim.conf and checking 'local_domains = ' to see if it
includes 'localhost'


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