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Re: staroffice - multiuser?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Hi, Thanks for the reply.
> > Yes, it has changed. The free version allows multiple users to use it now.
> > Install it as root with "./setup /net". Any user who wants to use it
> > should switch to the directory it was installed in and type "./setup".
> So, that means every user has to install himself to use it before they
> really can start using it? I assume it is going to occupy a LOT of
> disk space! How much will the setup take up for every user?

This is called the 'network install'.  All the program binaries and needed
data files (the 130MB stuff) is all stored in /usr/local/StarOffice (or
wherever you installed StarOffice as root), and only the per-user config
files are stored in their home directories.

Each user 'only' takes up a couple megabytes in their home directory for
configuration files ('only' could get huge if there are a large number of

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