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Re: Help

On Wed, Oct 20, 1999 at 01:44:53PM -0500, John Franck wrote:
> I have a Savage4 graphics card.  I am trying to run X on my computer, but 
> don't want to use VGA16.  I downloaded the latest version of X 3.3.5, which 
> was supposed to support Savage4 for Linux, but was unable to find it in the 
> supported card list.  Does anyone know what I can do to get this to work??
> 	--Any help or success stories would be much appreciated.

Did you upgrade to 3.3.5 proper, or just install a newer X server
binary? If you did the latter, the X configuration tools will still be
the old ones, and not know about support for the Savage4. If you know
which server the support for that card is built into, you should be able
to use the old config tools and just lie to them about what card you

As an example, when I first installed slink, I needed to upgrade my X
server to 3.3.3 to get support for my G200 (slink had 3.3.2), so I just
grabbed the new 3.3.3 X SVGA binary from xfree86.org and copied it over
the old binary. Then I ran the config tools and told them I had a Matrox
Millenium (which would use a similar setup to a G200) and everything
worked fine.

You will run into problems doing this trick if you choose a card which
is drastically different from your Savage4 though, such as picking a
card with a weird RAMDAC or something.

Your best bet would be to find out if X 3.3.5 is available as a set of
Debian packages from somewhere, and upgrade using apt.
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