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Re: dvips -d 2400 How??? default printer does not support 2400dpi

On Tue, 19 Oct, 1999 à 08:17:40PM -0700, esoR ocsirF wrote:
> greetings all,
> I have read and searched and sighed...
> but I can't find anything on how to get dvips to generate 2400dpi
> output. I believe the fault lies with the default printer selection but
> when I changed config.ps (for texmf?) it complains about mismatched mode
> ljfour and 2400 even though I specified that it should use a 2400dpi
> printer that I found in modes.mf , supre to be exact. Anyclues would be
this only concern metafont to produce a dvi. dvips relies on ghostscript
(either gs or gs-alladin) to do the conversion.

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