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RE: xserver connection refused

> I have an xserver for windows on my winbox and I can
> connect to my debian system by:
> start xserver on windows box...
> telnet 'url-of-linux-box'
> login:
> password:
> xterm -display 'url-of-windows-box':0.0
> ... now running
> But this doesn't work the other way. 
> I get a 'connection refused by host' message when I
> try to connect from one linux box to another.  I guess
> there is a  config file somewhere that needs to be
> modified to open up the xserver on the linux box to
> allow connection by a remote system.  Where do I look?
> BTW same error message on RedHat (6.1) as debian (2.1)
> so this must be an XFree86 thing?
> Thanks.
You are getting tripped up by the x authorization stuff.
Your windows box allows anyone to connect to it but the
linux boxen don't.  Look up "xhost" and "xauth" in the
man pages.  You can do "xhost +" to get started, but I
would do something else long term.  It opens your machine
up to anyone.  If you are behind a firewall and you trust
the others on your network, it's ok.  Otherwise you have
to use xauth or ssh.  I guess there are other ways to authorize
the display too but I haven't had to know about them...


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