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Re: netscape 4.7 and download

Jean-Yves BARBIER wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if somebody has found how to recover files downloaded
> (especially from ftp) in the netscape cache?
> (these files which are printed to the screen while dowload them)
> The only way I found is to watch the modification time of the
> cache directories, and recover the last file, with a scrubby name.
You probably need to set up the way you want Netscape to handle files in
general, especially if this is a new install. 
1. open netscape
2. open the edit menu bar dropdown and select preferences
3. in the menu presented select navigator then select applications
4. this opens the menu that you will find the applications helpers in.
5. find the types of file extensions that are causing the problem
and     edit them one at a time: be sure to save the changes.
info: these files are most likely being decoded, decompressed, or
otherwise made VIEWABLE by Netscape; it is after all a browser :-) the
ones that usually cause your type of problem are those ending in: ".tar"
".gz" ".tar.gz" ".Z" ".zip" ".gzip" ".rar" ".shar" and there may be
others. These are file extensions that Netscape does not recognize and
it NEEDS to  to be told how to handle them. There are may other types of
files in this menu that will also have the "prompt user" selected. it is
advisable to read up on what these require as helpers in order for
Netscape to perform correctly. Best wishes!

John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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