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Re: Netmeeting and ipfw

Hi Perjan

I have video and audio going out of my private network but I was unable
to get
audio coming in.

I've heard that netmeeting sends the IP address of the machine in the
of the packet which in my case is a private IP address. If netmeeting on
machine runs as a server for my party to connect to it is easy to see
why it wouldn't work.

Anyway there's a program called phone patch that should make it possible
but I get a segmentation fault when I try to run it in 2.1. (does it
work for anybody else?)

Is there any documentation on how to get netmeeting to work
accross IP masquarading in debian?



PS, Can you please post any other replys.

>In some news archive I found your message about ipfw and netmeeting
>may 1998!). Did you get it working?
>For me, I can receive audio and video, but can't send any.
>Probably netmeeting is setting up peerconnections, sending audio and
>How about ICQ? I sometimes am not able to setup a chat-connection.
>the same thing: the other party trying to set up a connection top me.
>Are proxies for ICQ and netmeetring available?
>If you have any suggestions please reply.

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