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Parallel CDROM on an old PS/2 machine

I've made some custom Debian install disks (2.2 kernel, basically), that
has support for an EPAT parallel-port cdrom drive (HP CDRW-7200e).  When I
boot it at home, it works fine, and successfully detects the CD, but at
school, where I'm trying to install on an old IBM server (SCSI/MCA; it
came with a bunch of old PS/2 workstations, if that's a hint), it
refuses to detect it.  I've included pretty much every parallel and SCSI
driver, and all the MCA stuff I need, but the box simply won't find the

Trying to boot DOS and use DOS drivers for the CDROM locks up the box.

Anyone have experience?  Also, this might be in a man page (which one?),
but how do I set up a compiled-in token-ring driver for this?  I want to
mount an SMB share (of the Debian CDROM, as a last resort, if the
parallel drive won't work).

It sort of sucks, because this server (and workstations) do not have an
internet connection, so I can't telnet into my box to read docs as I think
of them, so does anyone have and past experience with this type of thing?

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