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Re: can I list just the directories, executables?

* Brian Servis <servis@purdue.edu> writes:

> *- On 19 Oct, Colin Marquardt wrote about "Re: can I list just the directories, executables?"
>> * jh  <thedoghouse@sunvalley.net> writes:
>>> Hi. I would like to know if there is a command that will list just
>>> directories? 
>> See? The option -d is it.

> I don't think this is what is wanted.  -d just keeps ls from listing the
> conents of the directory when you specify the directory name on the
> command line.

Okay, I may have gotten him wrong. I just remembered how annoyed I
was back then, when a ls -l <dirname> didn´t give the permissions I
wanted to see, but listed all the stuff below.

> find . -type d -maxdepth 1 | xargs ls -d

I think he just wants to recognize directories better, rather than
using this in a script or such. As was already said, ls -F helps, but 
the --color option is maybe nicer. I defined an alias like that:

   alias ls='ls --color=tty'

>>> Also, is there a command that will list executable files. I just got debian
>>> installed from floppy so there is not too much on my system. The only
>>> fairly interesting program that I have discovered is ae (I think it stands

> Again find can help here:

> find . -type f -perm +1

I´d say that he is just looking for things he can try out with his
freshly installed system.

If you know part (<some_chars>) of an application name, try
   locate <some_chars> | grep bin

Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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