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Re: turning your computer off

I have my machine set up so that ctrl-alt-end shuts down.
Add the following lone to /etc/inittab (comment out any
existing kb::kbrequest line):

kb::kbrequest:shutdown -a -h now

I think the default combination for kbrequest signal is
alt-uparrow.  To change this, you must modify /etc/kbd/default.map.
The "kbrequest" signal is called "KeyboardSignal" here.

Mine has the following:

Keycode 107 = Select
	control alt keycode 107 = KeyboardSignal

I probably had to remove a definition for alt-uparrow.

See also:

-Steve Stancliff

> Is there a best way to shut down linux and turn off your computer? I read
> in an online guide that you should press <ctrl><alt><delete>. When I do
> this and I later turn my computer on it says "last boot failed"...Then it
> installs. Is this the recommended way to turn off your computer?

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