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Re: [Linux: SCSI-Controller] LILO with aha152x

Hello and thanks to all, which had helped me.
(7 and some doubled Mails).

Please one more time:   I am on the List and I do not like if
                        I get all Answers as CC two times.

The entry 'append' was not in the /etc/lilo.conf and I have added
them in a new line as append="aha152x=0x340,11"...
... and it works properly...

But now I can not get my Drives but they are detect correctly as:

    Iomega ZIP-Drive    sda at scsi0    id=5
    CD-Rom CDU-76S      sr0 at scsi0    id=6

The directory  /cdrom is allready there and /zip100 I have created.
I had tried to mount the CD-Rom (Whit Debian-CD and DLD-CD) but
it tell me every time that sr0 is unknown.

The same is with my ZIP-Drive sda

What do I wrong ???


P.S.:   The thing with the 'appand' had helped some of us in 
        Strasbourg. Many thanks from all.

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