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Re: apache + cgi

usually i just kill apache, set the ulimit (ulimit -u 40) and restart
apache.  you could prob do this in the rc script too.  i'll check out the
rlimit directives, but that sounds like an apache thing.  i feel safer
with a system level limiter.  and kernel patches i have applied ensure
they are enforced (better) then that of a 'stock' kernel. (using
2.0.36+securelinux patch, same kernel for the past year). 


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On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Pere Camps wrote:

> Aphro,
> > i have found that ulimit works very well with apache.  i have my default
> > ulimit set to a max of 12 processes per user, but with apache i gotta
> > increase it to 40-50 before i start it or it may puke with cannot spawn
> > child process on some cgis.
> 	How do you ulimit apache? Editing /etc/init.d/apache and adding
> ulimit commands at the top?
> 	I just played with the RLimit directives and they work out pretty
> well. Check them out!
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