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Re: [Linux: SCSI-Controller] LILO with aha152x

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Michelle Konzack wrote:

 : Hello and nice afternoon.
 : OK, now I was able to get my 'stupid' SCSI-Controller running
 : but only from my Rescue-Disk.  :-((
 : If I start with my Rescue-Disk and I use the following parameter
 :         linux aha152x=0x340,11
 : it finds my Sony-CD-Rom at ID4.
 : But if I bot from harddisk the aha152x is not there.
 : Please can anyone tell me, how I get the prompt at LILO ???

You need to hit one of the shift keys as soon as you see the "LILO:"

 : Anyone told me, I must edit /etc/lilo.conf, insert 'prompt' and 
 : then run LILO.

This parameter controls how long LILO waits for a keystroke in tenths of
a second (e.g. "prompt=20" waits two seconds).

I think you really want an "appends" line instead.  Try this line in
your /etc/lilo.conf:


Run lilo as root, and reboot.

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