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Re: Upgrade and floppy

The floppy will still boot the same kernel, but it will be compatible. 
If you upgrade to a newer kernel at some time, you should prepare a new
boot floppy (if it is a .deb kernel image package, you will be asked
whether you want to make a floppy).

You might consider installing LILO for the ability to boot either Win95
or LILO from the hard drive.

On Sun, Oct 17, 1999 at 01:06:04AM +0200, David Jardine wrote:
> As an inexperienced debian user, I rashly followed some instructions
> I read somehwere to do an update/upgrade from the slink version I
> installed from a couple of CDs that fell off the back of a magazine.
> I have a debian/win95 system with a debian boot floppy.  I boot to
> one or the other system by having the bios set to boot A:C and
> putting the debian floppy in the drive if I want debian.  Now I
> realise that the only way to boot debian is with the old version on
> my floppy disk.
> I don't actually know if I achieved anything with my apt-get dist-
> upgrade, apt-get update and apt-get install libc6, but I do have
> the feeling that I'll only get to debian with the old version on my
> floppy disk anyway.
> How do I find out what sort of state my system is in now? And is
> there a way to get the new system (if I've got it) on to the floppy
> disk?
> I'm only subscribed to the digest list, so it might take some time
> for me to read any replies, but I'd be most grateful anyway.
> David
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