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1) dmesg only covers kernel messages.  There are other messages
   that get printed to the screen when the system starts up that
   don't get shown by dmesg.  To see these, I just hold down
   <shift> and use <PAGE-UP> and <PAGE-DOWN> to scroll through
   the messages.  Probably not the most scientific approach, but
   it works for me.

2) As for SIOCADDRT:  your /etc/init.d/network (or is it networks)
   file has a line to add a route for local network traffic through
   the loopback interface.  As of Kernel 2.2.0, you need to have
   a netmask on that line.  Debian Slink is designed for 2.0.x
   kernels which don't really need this parameter.  I have mailed
   the maintainers about this problem.  Until this gets changed,
   change the line:
        route add -net
        route add -net netmask lo

Hope this helps,

On 11-Oct-99 Bryan Scaringe wrote:
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> Dear All
> Can any one tell me how to review the output generated on startup?  I
> know about DMesg but would like to see the messages from the point that
> dmesg stops.  I'm sure I've read here that by pressing <??> before
> (after?) the initial logon I am able to view the various messages, but I
> can't remember what <??> is.
> Secondly can anyone tell me / point me in the direction of any info as
> to what the following startup message means?
> SIOCADDRT:invalid argument
> Many thanks in advance
> Paul
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