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Re: need a linux book

jh wrote:
> Just a brief question. Do you guys think it is necessary to buy a debian
> specific book on linux or just a linux book in general? Do regular linux
> books cover topics like dselect? I live in a very small community and will
> need to buy online, so I can't browse.
 I suggest you try Oreilly's "Running Linux 3Rd edition." I have been
using their 2nd edition for years and just recently got the new one. It
is very complete in all of the essential data. It will also cover a lot
of UNIX basics that seem to be missing from most of the Debian specefic
books. I think that it empowers you to know the basics before trying to
manage Debian. Good Luck.
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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