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Anyone got a makefile or Imakefile for lesstif &| viewkit :(

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I grabbed the viewkit for linux SW from www.viewkit.com
and really would like to get started.  The SW came with no examples
or makefiles.  I was trying to get this stuff running, as I have an
interview with a company TOMORROW that uses viewkit.

I sent mail to the "viewkit.com" webmaster yesterday, as their
search page is broken, and although the release notes mention
the Imakefiles with the examples, I believe they only come with
the commercial version.  No reply yet.

ANY and ALL help is appreciated.  It appears that I have the
Xm files from lesstif OK according to the package's .list file.

I will be happy just getting the simple "hello world" style examples
running, which are very small and appear in some of the pages at
their site.  If I can compile and link these, I can most likely
figure out everything else myself.



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