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Connecting BNC to 10/100BaseT segment...

Greetings from Winnipeg!

Here's an outline of my situation:

Currently we have a 10Base2 (BNC) network cable running through our building.  We want to wire one computer lab with RJ45 cable and preferably install fast ethernet cards in each of the machines with time.  So, for the meantime, we will have a mixed network of 10 and 100 BaseT machine hooked up to a 10/100 BaseT dual speed hub.

The BNC cable in the rest of the buidling is to be replaced in a year or two and we would like to simply be able to keep the Hub when the renovations are done.  What I am envisioning right now is a system that looks something like the diagram below:

-->BNC--> eth0 of Debian GNU/Linux Box -->  100 Mb/s eth1 --> Dual Speed Hub --> Lan. 

The IP addresses for the machines on the LAN are to be assigned dynamically (DHCP) from somewhere down the BNC cable before the Linux box.
Firewalling for security is not necessary or desired.  I want every machine in the Lab to have unrestricted access to the outside network.

My question is:

How do I set up my Linux Box?  Do I set it up as a Bridge or a router, firewall?
Or is there another way of doing this? Something like a dedicated piece of hardware?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!!!

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