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Re: 100Mbit/10Mbit, Network Interface Card (NIC)

"Paul McHale" <pmchale@doubleesolutions.com> writes:
> 3Com 3C905 series seems well supported.  This card is actually flaky during
> install under windows, but runs very well with Linux.  The 3Com Etherlink
> (ISA) works well also.  Either one has been trouble free.  I think any
> NE2000 card will do as well.
> -paul
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> From: Christian Ericsson [mailto:christian.ericsson@bigfoot.com]
> Sent: Monday, October 18, 1999 11:33 AM
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Subject: 100Mbit/10Mbit, Network Interface Card (NIC)
> Can you recommend a good NIC running at both 10Mbit and 100 Mbit that
> Debian GNU/Linux 2.1
> have device drivers support? The NIC must also be a selling product today
> (I don't want old stuff!)?

I haven't had any trouble with my NetGear cards (FA310TX, Tulip
based), and they're cheap. Of course my small home network hardly
pushes their capabilities, but I was up and running with them pretty


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