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Re: unformat linux

Take your hard drive into a professional data-recovery firm to have the
data a few layers down salvaged.  If it's not worth the money, then I
believe you're hosed (depends on whether or not you ONLY repartitioned the
disk, or whether you wrote a new filesystem on it, etc, and if you have a
backup of your partition table, or have it memorized.)

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 01:34:41PM +0100, Luis wrote:
> HI
> Could you tell me if  is it possible to recover a NT disk formated with
> linux?
> I had a 6Gb disk with 3 partitions (2GB for NT, 2 Gb for win95 and 2Gb
> free)
> and i tried to install the RedHat Linux on the free disk space.
> I choose the linux server custom instalation  and it formated all the disk
> with linux file system. Is it possible to recover those NT and win95 files
> on the first 4GB ?
> Thanks!
> e-mail: laa@ipt.pt
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