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not a newbie, still dumb

I get left without a working dpkg when I tried to backtrack from libc6 2.1
to 2.0. I couldn't find a non-deb dpkg, so I reinstalled base from CD.

Not too bad really. Had to put my account back (my directories were fine).
 Now my dpkg database is way out of sync with my system. That too is not really
a problem, but when I try the libc2.1 jump again, I want to know that dpkg/apt
are aware of all my tools.

It was neat how the machine was pretty much just like it was (net access, etc).
I did quite a bit of reinstall, and luckily those things that were redundant
just reused the disk space it had before.

Will I just have to keep reinstalling to where I was before? IS there
a way to determine what packages (or programs) are on my machine that are NOT
under dpkg accounting?

One benefit...I learned dselect!!!! After only 2-3 years!!!! Geez, or is it


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