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Re: Postscript Merging & Dial-in PPP Access

Peter Ludwig wrote:
> 2) Dial-in PPP Access.  Before people start screaming
> at me to read the manuals, I suggest they also look in
> the documentation.  The current documentation is not
> detailed enough for me to get the system to work.  I
> can setup shell access using mgetty, but as soon as I
> try and setup a pppd to run, it kills the connection
> complaining about the lock files.
> How-to files, please paste into
> your reply all relevant sections, as the online
> HOWTO's, and the local howto's onsite are not up to
> the task.

Mmmm, you're wanting the free advice, and you want *us* to cut and paste
a bunch of stuff for you?  

What about making the effort to cut-and-paste *your* config files? 

You have AutoPPP set up in mgetty, right?  You have lock set up as a
pppd option, right?  Mgetty is using ttyS1, or whatever unit number,
right?  (Don't use cua, use ttyS.)
> BTW - I'm not on the mailing list (I don't have time
> to sort through heaps of mail everyday).  

Do you really think that the people who read this list and help people
have more time on their hands than you do?  I sincerely doubt it. 
Wonder why they bother doing it?

> Please post
> all replies direct to me.
I refuse.  Deal with it.

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