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Re: install, I'm in over my head

jh wrote:
> Also in the Device drivers for cd-rom drives I see two that would seem to
> fit my setup. I have a Mitsumi cd-rom manufactured in September 1993. I see
> mitsumi cd-rom and mitsumi cd-rom with extended features. When I try to
> install these I get an error message like:
>         /lib/modules/2.0.36//cdrom/mcd.0 : init_module: device or resource busy
>         eval: 1: syntax error : eof in backquote substitution
>         script: cd /dev && rm -f cdrom && ln -s cdrom
>         eval: 1: syntax error: eof in backquote substitution
> Could anyone give me some advice? Should I try some of the other modules
> like aztcd, cdrom, optcd, cm206?? Do I need to enter something in the
> argument section on any of the above? Could that be why the installation
> failled?
Don't feel bad.  Odd hardware is the biggest frustration of Linux

Don't pick both modules.  Just pick one.  My understanding is that
either one should do, but you can read PhotoCDs with the "extended
features" one.  Make sure also that this is the nonATAPI Mitsumi
(LU-005, FX-001 or FX-001D).  It probably is.  There is an ATAPI one
(FX-001DE or something like that); also triple and quad-speed models are
ATAPI.  I'm reading all this from the 'make menuconfig' help; I don't
know if all that help text is available on an initial install.

Hope this helps.

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