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(very) remote install

	I've been asked to install Debian on a server that resides several
thousand miles from where I am (I am in Philadelphia, the server is in
Korea).  Is it possible for me to replace the current RH installation with
Debian from my present location?  Where are docs pertaining to this?
The owner of the machine (call him john) wants to avoid the reboot, and
does not know (or trust) anyone at the remote location.  I BELIEVE I could
do this by installing and configuring a (minimal) base system complete
with his root password here, and then gzipping it, telnet to the remote
host as root, chroot  to a ramdisk, reformat /dev/hda, install the gzipped
and ready base system (configured for remote root access and RARP), start 
a script that will reboot the machine after I have logged off, then
john can telnet to his server, log in as root, change root's password and 
run dselect to install the rest of his system.
	John does not think this will work he should know, he's had 20+
years working with Unix and Ive only two years on Linux. But he has not
suggested any other method.
	What am I missing?  What docs can help me with this? has anyone
else on this list done something similar? Is there a HOWTO for this?
Should there be?
			--Paul Wright--

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