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Re: http://www.debian.org/contact

> 1) Create some easy-to-use tools for making debian packages ( not for
> experts I mean) in order that everybody can make a debian package and
> so debian is updated faster (or perhaps we could get debian packages
> from elsewhere , if someone want to make a program freely avaliable it
> would be nice that he could make easy a debian package).

That is a big no-no.  A non-expert just can't live up to the quality one
should expect from Debian.  Making it "easy-to-use" would just let more
ignorant people make packages that possibly break other things.  Package
maintainers should know what is going on with their packages, so they can
fix bugs, etc.

> 2) Try to agree with the other linux distributions in a uniform package
> format . I think we should consider use the "rpm" format for debian.
> The are excelent tools from red-hat (under GPL) for installing rpm
> ( glint is more intuitive than dselect ) , and let me say that is easy to
> find "rpm" packages than "deb".

Maybe, but does rpm support "Suggests", "Recommends", "Provides", "Hold",
"Section", "Priority", package-based "Depends", or even text-based
databases that you can grep? No. The Debian motto has sort of always been
to do things the right way, even if it means being different.  If it
weren't for the speed issues of dpkg (IMHO, the database should still be
text, but binary cached), I suspect most other distros would be using it
as well, as it really displays the quality and intelligence that is Linux.

Conformance and ease of use have never been high priorities of the Debian
community.  The reason there are multiple distributions of Linux is so you
can choose which ones you like.  If you don't like Debian, I suggest you
get another distro.  (No offence)

"I already have all the latest software."
     -- Laura Winslow, "Family Matters"

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