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Re: Slow TNT2?

On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 11:06:58AM -0400, Ingles, Raymond wrote:
> > From: Alisdair McDiarmid [mailto:alisdair@wasters.org]
> [...]
> > I've got a PIII/450, 128MB, Diamond Viper 770 TNT2 system here
> > running potato current and it's quite slow in X. Dragging windows
> > around is slower than my PII/350 with a G200.
>  This may not be totally suprising. Matrox is known for making some of
> the fastest (2D) cards around.

Well, yes, but the Nvidia is a year newer and should be faster. Or
at least roughly as fast.

> However, while it may sometimes be noticeable, the difference
> shouldn't be *obvious* in all circumstances.

It seems to be.

> > In addition, the GLX support on my G200 runs twice as quick as the
> > TNT2. This is a pretty appalling situation, really.
>  That's really suprising. My TNT card was noticeably faster than a
> G200 playing Quake2, and that was with some older ALSA sound drivers
> slowing things down.

The G200 drivers have improved vastly recently. I get around 30fps
on timedemos now.

>  Are you using the drivers (including the patched SVGA server) from
> nVidia?

No, because that software was incorporated into XFree86 3.3.5.

> That may be faster in 2D, and should probably be faster in 3D.
> Are you positive you're getting hardware acceleration on the
> TNT2?

Um, how can I tell?
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