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Re: Netscape and its cache

iehrenwald@earthlink.net writes:

> > So it only cleared 700K. This pisses me off. Any ideas, anyone?
> Netscape's cache features never worked right.  Netscape is a stupid and
> terrible browser.  

So, is there a viable alternative? I tried Mosaic, but it lacks some
important features. I use lynx quite often, but it's only good when
one wants to read some text pages. Emacs/W3 eats memory like crasy,
and is slow and lacks features even more...

Arcady Genkin                                  http://www.wgaf.dyndns.org
  "You should seek your enemy, you should wage your war -- a war for your
opinions.  And if your opinion is defeated, your honesty should still cry
triumph over that!"  (F. Nietzsche)

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