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Re: Using linux 2.2.x with Debian 2.1

>>>>> "AW" == Aaron Walker <amwalker@gate.net> writes:

    AW> Hi, I have read the errata conscerning Linux 2.2.x and Debian 2.1
    AW> (http://www.debian.org/releases/2.1/running-kernel-2.2) and it
    AW> basically said that I would have to mix the stable 2.1 release with
    AW> unstable packages.  Has anyone had any problems doing this? Or is
    AW> it not necessary to do?  What are some of your experiences running
    AW> the 2.2.x kernel with Debian?

Its not necessary to mix in unstable packages with the stable 2.1 release
to run the 2.2.x kernels, like the other poster said. I am running 2.2.12
but I have mixed in a number of unstable packages because I already upgraded
to glibc-2.1 prior to compiling the 2.2.12 kernel. I upgraded some of the
packages that were not supposed to work with the 2.2.x kernel as mentioned
on the Debian site.

I have had no problems running 2.2.12 with some unstable packages. A lot
depends on how the machine is intended to be used so YMMV.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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