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Re: unmount a automounted CD ROM?

*- On  8 Oct, Christophe Broult wrote about "Re: unmount a automounted CD ROM?"
> Debian Mail <debian@sos.ethz.ch> writes:
>> I use Debian with kernel 2.2.x and autofs to automount CD ROMs. What
>> are the ways to allow a user to unmount and eject the CD ROM without
>> having to wait until automount has timed out after five
>> minutes. Probably adding option user to /etc/fstab should do the
>> trick.
>> Or is there a better solution?
> Have you tried the `eject' command?
> Chris

But eject still would not work unless the user has permission to
unmount it using 'eject -u'.  So an entry still needs to be in
/etc/fstab with the user option.

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