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starting apps using dnd in kde/gnome

Under kde, when I try to drag files from the file manager to an app icon
to start it, it works fine when draging to an icon in the toolbar, but
when draging on a file on the desktop, It doesn't work, it starts the
aplication, but without opening the draged file (just like if I just
press the icon). Any way to make this work?

Is there a lighter file manager that supports the same dnd (drag and
drop) protocol as kde (is it a general protocol, or qt/kde protocol, will
gnome file manager work with it?). I am looking for something similar to
the mac if it exists.

Is there a tutorial or info on the net that anyone can point me to as to
how to interact with the dnd protocol? I am trying to write an app that
will work similar to simething I saw on the mac that enable to file apps
into popup drawers (instead of the desktop) and just to drag the files to
start over them to launch. Is there anything of the sort existing for

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