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Re: In case anyone was wondering where kde.tdyc.com went.

[While I am a lawyer, the following is not legal advice.  If you need 
legal advice, contact an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.]

> It is not that Qt is incomaptible it is the fact that KDE is linked to
> software under a non GPL license and KDE is under the GPL.  This
> violates the GPL. See http://www.debian.org/News/1998/19981008 for all
> the specifics.  Keep in mind that this is for Qt v1, Qt v2 is under a
> different license so things are starting to change for the better.

This is a common misunderstanding, even among KDE developers.  No 
matter how many times they say it, KDE is *not* GPL, but quasi-GPL.  
The actions of the developers override the conflicting boilerplate in 
the GPL, creating a different license.  This is basic and ancient law.

On the other hand, being that KDE is not GPL, inclusion of other GPL'd 
software withing KDE could/would/does(?) violate the GPL.

The bottom line is that it is legally impossible for the developers to 
violate their own license.  It is, however, possible for them to 
violate other licenses by including code.


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