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Re: Shell bash

>>>>> "M" == Manuel Arenaz Silva <arenaz@des.fi.udc.es> writes:

M> Hello,
M> In my work in have to use some machines where the bash shell is not
M> available. Normally, these machine have Solaris or IRIX installed. When
M> I connect to those machines I have to use other different shells which I
M> am not used to using. You can  imagine how embarrasing is this
M> situation.

For IRIX, you can get a pre-compiled copy of bash from
http://freeware.sgi.com/ which will install it as
/usr/freeware/bin/bash. If the host is running IRIX6.5 or later, the
admin may have installed the "gnu" package, which includes bash (as
/usr/gnu/bin/bash). There are ways to install it in your homedir if
you don't have admin priviledges (or can' convince the admin to
install it). see the "-r /root" option to inst/swmgr.

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