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Re: Xserver: S3 Trio 3D agp

James Sasitorn wrote:

> Anyone have experience with the S3 Trio3D 8meg agp with X?
> I tried the S3Trio3D configuration in XF86Setup and it loads but graphics
> inch along at about a frame a minute.
> I gave it a shot with the SVGA server and no specifics on the ramdac,
> chipset, etc. The results were the same. I've also tried the S3 and the S3V
> with out any specifics. This setup will not connect to the Xserver.  I have
> searched places like deja with out success. Anyone with any ideas?

 I never was able on getting XSVGA server to work.
 The only way I found was using Frame Buffer Device.

 Have a look at my homepage:


 Hope that help.

   Nuno Carvalho

P.S. I've xfree-common (3.3.4) package installed! X server don't work
with xfree-common (3.3.5) package.

   Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho
 Dep. Informatics Engineering
    University of Coimbra

  PGP key available at finger

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