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Re: Security Setup: how to respond to a portscan (This is long!)

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 05:12:15PM -0500, Stephen R. Gore wrote:
> > BTW, where is this port 1024 specified for WDM ? Just
> > curious.
> I don't even know if it IS specified.  I got the info like
> this:

Daemons that run stand-alone do not need a file like
/etc/inetd.conf to specify on which port they should run.
inetd.conf is only relevant for services that are run by inetd.
Example of stand-alone daemons are httpd (apache), ProFTPD,
sendmail, etc.  (They can be run by inetd too).

Most of these types of daemons have config files of their own
which specify which port they should listen on.


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