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Linux as a Novell Client

Hi all!

I tried to access to the Novell network with my Linux box, but I coldn't
make it. I was loaded in the following modules:
ipx.o, ncpfs.o
I maded the ipx_config --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on, than when
I gave out the slist command, the servers name appeared, but when I gave
out the ncpmount -S PEDIA /mnt/novell -U myusername command it made
By the strace log the Network unreachable, why?? What do I wrong??
My route table is ok (but it's an IP routing table, so it's not

Any idea??

Bye! Benci!

Isten a'ldja a pingvineket & Linus Torvalds-ot
Debian 2.1 Slink      2.2.9     200MMX/32MB/1.7Gb/S3VirgeDX4Mb

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