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Re: How to make files available for download via HTTP

Brad wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, Kristopher Johnson wrote:
> > I currently have a couple of directories of files available for
> > download via anonymous FTP.  Is there some easy way to get Apache
> > or Zope to make these files available via HTTP?
> >
> > (I've tried searching the Apache and Zope docs, but it looks like
> > I'll need to read *everything* to get a handle on it.  This seems
> > like a simple and common operation, so I hope someone can give me
> > a hint.)
> One way would be to put a symlink from somewhere in the Apache/Zope
> directory to the proper dir in the FTP area. Depending on your
> configuration files, this may or may not work.
> Otherwise, for Apache you could modify the access.conf to add the proper
> directory, something like this. http://yourhost.example.com/ftp would then
> send you to /home/ftp/anonymous
>   Alias /ftp /home/ftp/anonymous
>   <Directory /home/ftp/anonymous>
>       AllowOverride None
>       Options Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
>       order allow,deny
>       allow from all
>   </Directory>

I put a symlink under /var/www to the ftp directories, and
everything's working.  I thought I'd already tried that, but
whatever I did didn't work before.


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