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What's the best way to mirror a partition table?

I've got a system running on a 13GB drive on /dev/hda. I've got an idential
model of drive on /dev/hdb.

The plan is to use something like dump/restore to keep /dev/hdb as a "pretty
good" mirror of /dev/hda. (By "pretty good", I mean... it's okay if I lose
some log entries, etc.... I just want to be able to get the system back up
and running, in the event of a crash, by swapping drives). However, I'd like
to avoid having to alter the partition table on /dev/hdb every time I change

Does anyone know of any utilities that allow me to take a "snapshot" of the
partition table and write it to another drive?

Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to do this
same kind of mirroring (except for using md.o, unless you can assure me that
it won't cause more problems that it solves...)?

- Joe

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