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Basic and not so basic web membership and voting

I and some others are working on a site which which can assist the Pacifica
Supporters Association in its launch.  The immediate need is to record
basic contact info + some other information.  Shortly thereafter, we will
want to manage electronic discussions and votes--ideally, teh whle process
of motions, amendements, etc.

We are starting with mySQL and Perl, but are not wedded to those tools.

If anyone can point us to some software, that would be great.  If anyone
has any experience with such kind of organizations, that would be great
too.  A particular problem is that we are under severe initial time
constraints; we need to be able to reach a decision about what to do in a
couple of weeks.

The PSA is for people who support the goals of the Pacifica Radio network,
but wish to democratize it.  In particular, it is for people who don't like
the current boards complete betrayal of its charter.  See
www.deja.com/~pacifica for more about the organzation, and the links there
for more info.

I should be clear I think this list is an inappropriate place to debate
events at Pacifica.  But I think it is an appropriate place to discuss
electronic democracy and the software to carry it out.

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