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Re: GNU Emacs-20.4 debs

On Fri, 1999-10-01 at 18:48:03 +0400, Alexander Zhuckov wrote:
> Hi!
> Tell me, ple-e-e-e-ase, where I can find
> GNU Emacs 20.4 Debian packages?

This doesn't answer your question directly, but it may help keep you
up to date without having to wait for deb's:
If you have the a gcc compiler (I use gcc-, but presumably egcs
would work as well) emacs-20.x is REALLY easy to build for yourself
from the source, which you may get from
Once you untar it (I use tar xzf ...),
just cd to emacs-20.4, then:
   make install
which will install all the emacs goodies into /usr/local/....
You can override /usr/local with --prefix=... at ./configure time.


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