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More problems with Linux serial driver

Hi All!

So I've checked the sources of linux serial driver (serial.c and n_tty.c)
and stated, that the I_PARMRK mode is the one which allows me to detect
the data with FRAME or PARITY errors. BTW why there is no doc with explanation
of all these nice tty modes which are defined in termbits.h ? I couldn't
find it anywhere...
Now the next question. How to detect loss of data caused by UART input buffer
The function n_tty_receive_overrun in n_tty.c only calls printk,
but does not give any information available for user processes (for example
to reinitialize the port and attached hardware at lower baudrate).

When I look at the Linux serial driver I have a pleasant memories of my 
struggles with Winblows comm driver...

Am I really too foolish to understand the Linux serial driver's perfection?
			Wojciech Zabolotny

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