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Install headache - no network

I am trying to install slink from my DOS partition on an NEC Versa note (inbuilt
ethernet device based on the dc21143).

When it comes to dselect, I cannot download packages as I install, as my ethernet
card is not supported by the drivers in the current drv1440.bin. The alternative
is to download all the packages I need for a workstation profile in windows (serious
headache) go back into debian, use whatever (apt I think). 

What would be great if there is a tarball of all the packages relating to the
workstation profile that I can download once onto DOS and install from the hard

Alternatively, is there some way of installing slink with the new tulip.c drivers
so that I can set up my ethernet card at the start.



Jordan Howarth					mailto:jordan.howarth@cmis.csiro.au
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences	Ph:  (07) 3214 2465  
						Fax: (07) 3214 2480

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