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Re: why no package status feature for dpkg?

On Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 11:31:25PM -0400, Russell Nelson wrote:
> Why does dpkg not have a way to check the cksum's of the package's
> contents.  I deleted a bunch of man pages, and now I find myself
> having to write perl scripts to coerce dpkg into releasing the
> information about missing files.  And even then, I won't know if a
> file is really undamaged.

Good idea --- maybe a "dpkg --check-corrupted" to see if a supposedly
installed package has been damaged or had components removed.  I'm not
a coder at all, but maybe somebody else who reads this post is.

A temporary hack would be, when you have a man page go missing, do a
dpkg --remove package; apt-get install package.  Until you need the
page, don't worry about it.

> So who *knows* what I'm running now, and whether it corresponds to
> anything remotely resembling Official Debian 2.0.

Yeah, I was running probably 1/3 unstable for a while.  I went to
glibc2.1 to use the new kernel and that kept breaking little things,
and I finally said screw it and went to a full potato box.  Unstable
for Debian is pretty stable, though; I figure as long as I don't
follow the bleeding edge and only upgrade what's broken I'll be fine.

> Somebody remind me again how .deb is the perfect packaging format,
>sublime in all the details of its creation, without flaw in its every
>detail, and how all others (should) bow low to it.  I still haven't
>found an explanation of why RPM sucks so badly that Debian developers
>cannot fix it.  I mean, xterm sucked so badly that somebody had to
>create xterm-debian and break everybody's termcap, so why not
>RPM-debian and break everybody else's RPM manipulators?

I bet you'd feel a lot better if you hadn't just been beating this to
death for several hours.  Get a good night's sleep and a warm meal.


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