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Re: why no package status feature for dpkg?

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Russell Nelson wrote:

 : So who *knows* what I'm running now, and whether it corresponds to
 : anything remotely resembling Official Debian 2.0.  Somebody remind me
 : again how .deb is the perfect packaging format, sublime in all the
 : details of its creation, without flaw in its every detail, and how all
 : others (should) bow low to it.  I still haven't found an explanation
 : of why RPM sucks so badly that Debian developers cannot fix it.  I
 : mean, xterm sucked so badly that somebody had to create xterm-debian
 : and break everybody's termcap, so why not RPM-debian and break
 : everybody else's RPM manipulators?

Sounds like you need to run RedHat.

People who post "I'm pissed off and Debian sucks so help me now"
messages probably don't get it.

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