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Re: LiLO and Multi distributions

> Hello all,
> I have isntalled two distributions of Linux (Reh Hat 6 and Debian 2.1) on
> two hard disks, just like the following:
> hda1: Win98
> hda3: Debian
> hdc5: Red Hat
> I have the joined lilo.conf file, and when I run "lilo" I get the message
> "/boot/bzImage-2.0.37 not found". Like this I can not boot Debian at the
> moment.
> Any one has an Idea how can I put the two Linux distribuitios working?

It looks like you've copied the portion of your redhat lilo.conf onto
debian or vice versa.  This won't work (in this instance) because the one
instance of lilo cannot locate both kernels.  The way I would fix this (is
there a better way?) is to make sure to only update lilo from one of your
distributions and keep a copy of the kernel on that partitions root.

Thus, under debian /boot contains both the debian and the redhat kernel
you wish to use.  Now when you run lilo it can find both and will boot
correctly to either location.


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