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Re: dhcpcd error "sendto (init): Operation not permitted"

On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 10:53:44PM -0400, Chris Ruvolo wrote:
> .....
> With the following rules changes, I was able to successfully get an IP.  I 
> need to run tcpdump and take a look at where the packets are actually going 
> so I can setup better rules though.
> ---
> ipfwadm -O -p accept
> ipfwadm -I -p accept
> ---

I had the same problem, which was solved by changing the default policies
TO the inverse of what the docs said! (and it seems to be the same under
ipchains 1.3.9)

> Thanks to everyone for suggestions.
> On another note, has anyone been able to decipher the stuff in 
> /etc/ipmasq/rules?  It seems complex enough to be more annoying than useful.

You're right, and there's no real explanations...
I zap them and replaced with a nice file alone ;)


Jean-Yves F. Barbier <jybarbier@wanadoo.fr>

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