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Printing restart (lpr)

My printer is an HP DJ870.  I use lpr, have not made the change to
lprng.  When I have a long queue, as well as perhaps for other
reasons, the output stream goes garbage, perhaps skips some bytes.
I have tried turning off the printer, deleting jobs, but cannot get
back normal output from the printer.  A single postscript file will
output a stream of one or half, or less, of one line at the top of
each page, like postscript has been aliased to garbage.  Nothing I can
do seems to make it right, unless I reboot.

Is there any sequence of steps that will enable me to cleanly recover
to a known state between printer and spooler?  I'd rather not lose a

Debian rocks.

Alan Davis


"A non-viscid theory of flow renders the screw useless, but the need
for one non-existent."            ---Lord Raleigh

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