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Re: Slow system clock?

On Fri, 24 Sep, 1999 à 09:00:25AM +0000, Jason Christensen wrote:
> Colin,
> I think that you may be right. Now that I think about it, the problem only seems
> to occur after linux has been running for a long period of time without a logon
> (i.e. overnight). I think I have the BIOS configured to kick into sleep mode
> after a certain time of inactivity. This would make sense as when the system
> slows down the timer interrupt servicing would occur less frequently. I couldn't,
> however, find a refence to this problem in the Battery Power Mini-HOWTO at www.linux.org.
> I'll try turning off BIOS power management overnight tonight and let you know
> what happens. BTW, my kernel is not compiled with power management support,
> perhaps if I had, this problem wouldn't have occurred? Anyone know for sure?
I do think that the problem would not occurs if you enable APM in the 
kernel because with APM enabled, system time (i.e. time maintained by
the kernel) is resetted after a RESUME. 
If you do not want to enable APM in the kernel, a quick fix would be to
comment the line:

hwclock --systohc $GMT

in /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh

My decision would be to enable APM unless you have specific problems
with it.

> Thanks for all your help,

You're welcome.

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