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Re: large hard disks (again)

Well the "right" settings (as reported under the 2.2
kernel to fdisk) seem  to be the number of cyl's that
give the correct capacity with the head and sector
numbers maxed out. (Ie 255 and 64).  In my case for a
17.2 gb drive this was 2100.  However this is NOT the
physical geo, which IS reported by the bios and
stamped on the drive.  

--- Jeff Noxon <jeff@planetfall.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 22, 1999 at 10:15:37AM -0700, Kenneth
> Scharf wrote:
> > Exactly what I suspected.  Only how to figure out
> the
> > geometry in the first place?  Anyway I now have
> that
> > information for the disk in question.  As soon as
> > potato is release it will be water under the
> bridge.
> Possible sources:
> - Label on the drive itself
> - Web site of drive manufacturer
> - BIOS (Award BIOS in particular has an auto-detect
> feature, which is not
>         the same as setting the drive type as
> "AUTO")
> - The partition table already on the drive, if the
> drive has already been
>   partitioned by another OS.
> And others, I'm sure.
> Regards,
> Jeff

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