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Rebuilding unstable packages

I downloaded Eterm from unstable (after first getting all the
other prerequisites from unstable eg glibc2.2, etc.) and now
this unstable version of Eterm seg faults - surprise, surprise!!

I read on this list a while ago a way to build the .deb package
for an application from its sources which supposedly resolves this
kind of problem with apps. from unstable.

Anyone know how this might be accomplished ? I really want to use
the new version of Eterm from unstable so I am hoping there is
a way to rebuild the .deb package from its sources using the
libs installed on my system currently.

PS : Thanks for the replies re:kernel 2.2.12. I will check out
the page on debian.org which has more info.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT interlog DOT com

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